What are Coronavirus Effects In Universities | Guide to Students

The pandemic is officially upon us. There are emerging confirmed COVID-19 cases, every minute. People are facing emerging issues, every now and then. Schools, colleges, offices have shut themselves down. The question arises, what should people do to combat coronavirus effects in university. Especially, when hoards of vague rumours are lurking around us, picturing our worst nightmares.  Students in schools […]

Test Taking Strategies for Better Performance in the Exams

Student life has lots of perks and cons. It is the time of life when people get to experience various things that will shape their personalities and determine the kind of person they will become. The student life phase is one of the most memorable parts of any person’s life. Making friends who will likely become lifelong companions. Good teachers […]

College:Best Time To Discover New Learning Styles

Learning is the fundamental right of any person. It has no limits at all. Each person is learning new things every moment. The way a person learns makes the person unique from others. Now it is observed eventually that a student is interested in some specific subjects like someone is in mathematics, someone in history and someone in other subjects. […]