Good Excuses for Missing Class, Feel Free Bird Now

good excuses for missing class

Let’s face it! We have all wanted or attempted to skip our classes once in our life. I know, classes can be important! But, we all deserve to give ourselves free time to recharge. Attending school every day can drain all your energy. It will affect your studies too. So, for everyone’s good skip that […]

Why Stop Yourself – College Rules Worth Breaking

college rules worth breaking

When we consider college life, there are two types of students found in college. One kind of them is very respectful towards college rules. They only know one thing, and that is studying. The other type is the one who does not obey any rules of the college. But one thing we should remember that […]

Stress Management At The University ? A Crisp Guide

stress management at university

Every student is very excited to enter the phase where he/she enters into a university. Though it is very exciting to be in a higher class, a lot of stress comes with it. There are many things such as big assignments, writing long essays, dealing with new people, etc. All these things combined give the […]

What Is Confined Space Work & It’s Safety Tips

confined space course

OSHA defines a restricted space across 3 standards: (1) a region big enough to completely enter or execute specific tasks, (2) has limited or restricted way of entry or exit (e.g portals, hatches, manholes, ladders, spiral staircase and crawl spaces or lengthy distance to depart ); and (3) Not intended for continuous occupancy. Common work […]

How To Overcome The Difficulties In The IELTS Listening Exam

ielts listening exam

IELTS exam requires skill to attempt each module. For nailing the exam, thorough IELTS preparation is required and to prepare well you can take IELTS practice tests. Since IELTS comprises four modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, each module requires proper preparation and requires different handling. The listening section requires a lot of focus as […]

Writing Research Paper? The Do’s And Don’ts

writing research paper

Research papers are not only about writing besides, but it’s also a way through which the writer convey their hard work to the audience. Whether the author work on abstract, a research paper, thesis and research proposal. It’s all about presenting data and your writing style that can value to your reader and provide deep […]