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Thinking To Break Up With Your Boyfriend ? Some Tips To Do It Smoothly !

break up with your boyfriend

When you get into a relationship, it starts with a lot of excitement and care. The feeling that someone cares for you deep down in their hearts gives a lot of peace and satisfaction. However, amidst all this excitement and new experiences, both of you get to know each other a lot. As time will pass by, you will notice that the interests, feelings, ideas, etc. don’t actually add up as you expected them to be. This is the primary reason you start having second thoughts and eventually break up with your boyfriend. 

It’s not an easy thing to do and you will find yourself in a very tough situation. You can’t just say it out as you still care about the other person’s feelings. You may also find yourself in giving another chance and hope that things will get better. I am here to help you to convey it to your boyfriend/girlfriend in a respectful manner and break up smoothly. There are some people who just can’t start any conversation like this whereas there are some who are just blatantly clear to just get it over with. None of them is right and you need to do in a sensible manner for it to be a healthy end of a relationship. 

Some Do’s and Don’ts to Break Up With your Boyfriend

There are no set rules for everyone but you must take care of these things and apply them when you decide on breaking up with a married man or your boyfriend. These “do’s and don’ts” will help you in making an effective conversation


  1. When you start having the breakup thoughts, calm yourself down and think about all the reasons why you want to do it. You must not delay just because the other person will be hurt. Think of your own mental peace and find a sensitive method to convey the message.
  2. Also, think of the after effects that will happen when you say it to them. You will know the person’s reaction as you are familiar with his behaviour and it will help you in finding a way to say it.
  3. You must try to convey that you are doing it with your best intentions and you actually care about them. Be as transparent as you can and show all the honesty and respect you can.
  4. Well, talking about being honest doesn’t mean you are going to be harsh. Explain it to them that what were the things that attracted you toward them and now why do you want to move on.
  5. Never do it on a text message. You may find it hard but you must do it in person and respect the fact that you both have shared a past together. Imagine what you will feel if someone did that to you. When you are going to break up with him/her, you can meet the person and rather than just sending a text message.
  6. You can also talk to a friend about all this but only do it if you trust that person. If your boyfriend/girlfriend hears it from a third-person first, it will all be ruined and he/she will be devastated. 


  1. Once you started having thoughts, don’t delay it by ignoring the person or the conversation. You are only going to make it harder for yourself and for that person as well. Have the conversation as soon as possible and start working on moving on.
  2. Also, the break-up conversation isn’t an easy task and you must think it through before actually having it. If you are not prepared, you may end up saying those things that you will regret later.
  3. Treat the person with respect when you are talking to him/her or to any third person. Avoid gossip and badmouthing the person as much as possible. You never know how things may unfold in the future and your romance gets rekindled again.
  4. You should also avoid following the trend of having breakup sex as it will only end up confusing the matter for you. 

Try To Make Things Better Before The Final Break Up With Your Boyfriend

No one is perfect and you may also find your relationship in a difficult situation when every conversation turns into a fight. These are the times when you will start having thoughts about the break-up. However, you should give your relationship a chance and try to make things better. Here, I am providing you with some points that may help you avoid the final break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Opt for therapy

You should consider getting some help from a counselor. There are things that you may not be seeing and the therapist will put them out for you. You are wrong if you believe what a therapist can do if you can’t fix your relationship on your own. 

Spend time together

When things get bad, couples tend to grow apart. I suggest you stay together and do things and chores together, for example, dine together, talk on the general issues, etc. 

Travel somewhere

Plan a vacation and leave for a new place where you never have been. A new place with a fresh environment may clear up your mind from negative thoughts. You both actually may end up sorting everything out.Getting over heartbreak isn’t easy but time heals everything. 

Go on walks

Set up a schedule where you both go on morning/evening walks. These walks will give you both some alone time and will help you in clearing up the misunderstandings that you are having. Hold each other’s hands and express what you actually feel. 

This article may help you in having a better perspective to look at things to sort everything out. If you are not able to sort out everything, there is no point in delaying the talk. You should do it as soon as you are ready and prepared. Always give your relationship a second chance to heal. 

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