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Good Excuses for Missing Class, Feel Free Bird Now

good excuses for missing class

Let’s face it! We have all wanted or attempted to skip our classes once in our life. I know, classes can be important! But, we all deserve to give ourselves free time to recharge. Attending school every day can drain all your energy. It will affect your studies too. So, for everyone’s good skip that class you always hated! But wait! Skipping classes is not a cakewalk for all. I mean, you have to smartly overtake your professors or teachers to get out of the course. And, teachers have a sixth sense to catch if you are lying. So all you need is a smart, trusted, and reliable excuse to outsmart everyone. Here in this article, you can get some good excuses for missing class. Use it wisely!

Here Are Some of the Good Excuses for Missing Class:

Awake Your Inner Acting Skills

We all have an inner actress or actor hiding inside us! The best time to show your internal acting skills is while bunking. If you are in the middle of a boring class and wanna get out, simply start acting like you are feeling sick. This is probably the oldest and most useful trick to fool your professor. Act like you are going through some life crisis, breathing problems. Oh! And don’t forget the vomiting. But don’t overreact; keep it natural and straightforward. And, soon enough, you’ll get a ticket to miss the class. 

Fake a Death

Do you know which excuse will not a single question? If you fake the death of your grandpa or grandma, you definitely get the green card to miss the class. 

You Have Important College Work To Do

If you are contributing your time to the school or college work, then no one can stop you from skipping your classes. If you are publishing your work in a College magazine then use it as an excuse. Tell your professor you have to miss the class as you have some important work related to the magazine. And you are free to go!

You have a Contagious disease

Save your classmates from your contagious disease. I meant, ‘fake contagious disease’! Can you get affected by several deadly contagious diseases, right? Like Malaria, Diarrhoea, severe skin allergy, etc. There are several other kinds of diseases you can use to take a couple of day-offs. This is a good excuse to skip school, to say the least.

You Were in the Library

Who will raise a question against the attentive reader! Tell your professor you had to go to the library for taking notes or getting more clear view about some topic. Plus, you can get an extra appreciation for going to the library to focus on your studies.

Helping a Friend

What if your closest friend met an accident, and you are the only person to take him to the hospital. Use this excuse and be a free-bird. But make sure your closest friend doesn’t show up in front of your teacher for at least a week. Otherwise, the chance of you to get caught will increase.

You Have an Interview

A good excuse to miss college is telling your professor you have an interview to attend. Every teacher’s dream is to see their students be successful. So, it’s safe to play the interview card next time while skipping classes.

Mothers are the Boss

We all know that mothers are the ultimate decision maker! Your teacher will agree on it too. Tell your mother didn’t want you to come to school today because you had to help her with her chores. There is no doubt that it is one of the good reasons to miss school.

You have a Therapy Appointment

Depression is real, and students face it the most. Use this as your next excuse to skip classes. Tell your professor you have a particular mental therapy appointment for your health. And, your professor will give you a green card to skip school.


Many people have various rituals believe. So plan a fake ritual event you’ll attend. Or, you can say your sister or cousin is getting married. These reasons are a perfectly valid excuse to miss your school.

Family Issues

Directly tell your professor or teacher that you have serious family problems going on. You are worried about it and had to skip school for that. Your teacher won’t indulge in your personal matter. So, this is a good excuse idea to apply.

Final Thoughts About Good Excuses to Skip School

After all some rules are worth breaking.So, what do you think? Which excuse will you use next time? Whichever you choose, all the mentioned excuses will make you free. So choose accordingly to miss school.

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