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Useful Tips to Find the Best Backpacks for College

backpacks for college students

Backpacks are the coolest accessory in town. A stylish bag represents adventure, learning, movement, and personality. But, when it comes to investing in a backpack, we tend to ignore the quality. Purchasing a backpack may not be in your bucket list, but it is the most essential thing to buy in your campus life. Backpacks should be your best friend. From the books to everything you need for college, it handles all the loads. If you are studying at a university or college, you are well aware that a student needs to carry a lot of stuff. But these loads can cause severe back injury. Studies have shown that the rates of backpack related back injuries have increased in recent days. That’s all because of choosing the wrong types of bag. The heavy backpacks can strain your neck, shoulder, and back. The right backpack not only enhances your personality but saves you from irritating backache.Backpacks are an essential part of your college days. If you are facing problems like severe backaches, struggle in carrying your bag, then it’s time to change your backpack. But, while purchasing the best backpacks for college, make sure to keep these points in mind.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Best Backpacks for College

What You’ll Carry 

Before deciding what to buy first, determine what you will carry. Do you carry lots of heavy college books or laptops? Some students may carry lunch in their backpacks or even clothes. So it’s always better to pick a bag which can carry all your essentials. The right backpacks will have enough room to fit all your gears from heavy notebooks to laptops. 


Pockets are a crucial part of suitable quality backpacks. You should purchase a bag that has several different pockets to keep various things. Like small pockets are for purse, keys, and cell phones. If you are searching for the best backpacks for college students with laptop, then go for a bag with huge pockets. Big pockets are convenient for carrying water bottles too.  

Climates Play a Big Role

Yes, you have read it right! Climates play a huge role in choosing the best quality backpack. Wondering how? If you are from a humid place, then choose something with light fabric. It will keep your back from too much sweating. If you are from a rainy area, then waterproof backpacks are the fittest choice. A washable fabric can remove all the dirt from your backpack. So the weather has a significant impact on choosing bags. 


Comfort is the ultimate thing one should consider before buying backpacks. Choose a bag with padded strap; this will give you much comfort. Make sure to obtain a backpack with well adjustable straps. It will distribute the weight correctly on your shoulder. Comfortable padded straps will save you from unwanted back pain. Backpacks with a waist belt or hip belts can evenly distribute the heavyweight in your shoulders and hips. So carry heavy laptops to light college social magazine with complete ease.


A cheap quality backpack will fall into pieces after some uses. But a high-quality bag with good fabrics and well build straps are in the long run. Heavy fabric, fine stitching are the things you should look for while purchasing backpacks for your college. Durable bags will offer an extended service than a cheap bag.    

Buy According to Your Body Types

Body type is vital in choosing the right bag. A perfect backpack will end just above your hip bone. 

An ill-fitted backpack will drop below your hip bone. This can cause muscle fatigue and strain in the back. Various companies are manufacturing backpacks according to body types. So choose wisely next time when you are buying the best backpacks for college.


Materials are an essential factor in the best quality backpack. You can take the cotton for an example. Cotton is a light-weight material, but in terms of durability, it may lack some points. But, in terms of longevity, Polyester wins the race. It has a light-weight and water-resistant power too. Nylon backpacks are cost-effective, but they are also very durable. 


Double zippers are the best friend of your backpack. It will keep your stuff protected in the bag. In addition to that, in case one of the zippers break. You’ll still have another one left as a back-up. Though a high-quality backpack will come with a warranty and sturdy zippers. 


While purchasing backpacks, make sure to look it gives you ultimate content protection. If your backpack is made with semi-waterproof materials, then it will give your bag a long life span. A padded strap and pockets will keep your laptops and books in a safe place. 


Sometimes bags can weigh way too heavy, even before putting something into it. And, It’s because of the materials. A light synthetic material won’t cause much weight on your shoulders. Weight is the only factor responsible to backpack related injuries which studies have proved.


The right type of backpack will improve your personality. It will be a true reflection of your choice and attitude. Backpacks come in a variety of designs, choose according to your own style. If you are a minimalist, then pick a bag with a simple design. If you are a sports lover, then go for a sporty design. You should check which color will suit you the most. A good backpack will complement all of your dress styles. So, pick wisely. 

Final Note on Best Backpack for College

Backpacks are the most useful yet neglected thing in the world. We don’t waste much time on choosing the perfect backpack for us. But a good bag will keep your back problems at bay.

It will help you to stay organized. Here, we have mentioned all the essential things you should consider before purchasing the best backpacks for college. So, sit back and take notes now!

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