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Want To Break Up With Your Girlfriend? Know The Right Time To Say It Out

breakup with your girlfriend

A relationship will only work if both of you are happy and enjoy each other’s company. When you get into a relationship, things seem to be very good and exciting. You can’t imagine yourself to be apart from that person. However, as time passes, you grow to learn many things about each other and you may don’t like those things. This is when complications start to begin and every conversation ends up in a fight. It’s high-time when you start trying to clear the misunderstandings. If nothing works, you should break up with your girlfriend. This will release both of you from the toxic vibes that are created every time you both are together. 

However, you may be thinking if your reasons are fair enough to break up.In this article, we are compiling some very common reasons. The negative emotions are the first signal that something is not right.You must figure it out now for the sake of your mental peace. You should also know that having negative emotions once in a while is totally fine. It’s an alert sign when the pattern is repeating. 

Some Very Common Reasons To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Here, I am going to tell you some reasons that are also alert signs and if you are going through any of these, it’s time to get over from that relationship and and move on. 

You are just not happy

This is a very easy feelings to get. You will feel it immediately if you are not happy with someone. I am not talking about the clashes that happen rarely but you will instantly feel it when that person’s presence isn’t getting you excited anymore. This is one of the most common and important reasons to break up with your girlfriend. 

Can’t figure out the right way to sort it out

Another big reason is when you are out of options on how to sort out everything between you. If the person isn’t trying to understand or you are finding it difficult to believe what they are saying, it’s time to move on without taking a toll on your health. The couples who are unnecessarily trying to extend their relationship, in a hope that everything will just fall into place, often end up in situations like depression or anxiousness. 

Cons are higher than the pros

When you are with a person, you can easily get to know about their good and bad habits. This will help you in getting a better idea as you will easily compare the pros and cons of your relationship with that person. If the pros are outnumbering the cons, you should give it another chance but if that’s not the case, it’s the time. 

Your partner is in an emotionally unstable condition

If the person whom you are with can easily be triggered and has anger issues or overly-defensive, it’s the reason that you should look out first and plan a way to break up with your girlfriend. A relationship will only work when both the minds are in a healthy state and can have an open conversation on any topic. If your partner has the trust issues and turns out to be over-possessive, you should get out of this relationship as soon as possible. 

You just can’t admit

This can happen to anyone when we like someone and have been with them for a long time, we find it extremely hard to admit that they can ever be wrong. You should not be biased about your partner and while weighing the pros and cons, don’t lie to yourself. Stay unbiased and go with the result that you got. 

How to break up with your girlfriend? Some tips for you

When you start getting the thoughts of having a breakup, it’s very important that you plan on how to say it without being brutal. Here are some tips that you must follow while doing it.

Explain the reasons

Once you are going to tell her that you want to part ways, explain your reasons to her in detail. Don’t upset her by giving convoluted and bizarre reasons and hurt her feelings way more. 

Don’t give false hope

Also, if you are intended to end things permanently, it’s important that you convey the message loud and clear. Don’t give her or yourself any false hopes of the future when you clearly don’t think that’s going to happen. 

Break-up in person

You must avoid to break up over text as it will only end up confusing her a lot. You must gather the courage and do it in person where you can actually be with her and help her in handling the news better. This is the least that you can do to the person whom you are with for such a long time. 

Don’t try to extend it

Once you realise that things are never going to be fine, you should break up as soon as possible. As discussed above, it will only affect your mental health and nothing is more important than self-care and giving priority to your health. 

Don’t do it in any public place

The last thing that you must take care of is you should only break up in a private space. Breakups can be very emotional and you must not embarrass her in public places. As a personal suggestion, try to avoid the places that are her favourites. Telling her that you are breaking up in those places will forever ruin that place for her. 

Dealing with the after effects of break up with your girlfriend…

When you said it all and you start to getting over heartbreak, it’s time to involve yourself in those activities that can keep you busy and also let all the energy out. You can join gym classes, schedule morning/evening walks, etc. You should also strictly follow a schedule where you go to bed and wake up at a fixed time every day. Plan all the other chores according to your sleep schedule. 

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