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Distressed While Getting Over Heartbreak In Relationship ?

getting over heartbreak

Each one of us has gone through a heartbreak at some point in our lives. If you are going through a hard time, you must not get into the social media game. That’s the first and foremost tip you must follow. The key to healing yourself from this trauma is to not remember them every other minute. Getting over heartbreak can also be a great life lesson and this will let you connect with yourself. The term, ‘self-partnered’, is given to us by Emma Watson, and it reiterates the importance of self-love. 

Also, a heartbreak is a solid example that you are a human with a loving and caring heart. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and we are compiling some meaningful tips that will actually help you in the healing process.

10 Best Tips On Getting Over Heartbreak

When you are with someone for a longer period of time, you begin to adopt their mindset. It’s time to declutter your mind and focus on finding the older you in the process. 

Don’t just “get over it”

The phrase “get over it” is the biggest crap you will ever hear. You need to feel and process the thoughts that you are getting after a breakup and let me warn you, it’s not going to happen in a blink of an eye. When you force yourself, you will not be able to totally get over it. Also, never try to avoid negative feelings and cry yourself out. 

Route the energy out

You may also be feeling a lot of anger, grief, anxiety, etc. and it’s very important to create a constructive route to let these energies out of your body. I understand that getting over a breakup is tough and you will need to invest a lot of time to get totally over it. One thing that may also help you is a morning run with loud music. You can also let the energy out on a punching bag if you want to get all sweaty and burn some calories as well.

Organize your room

Your room will definitely be having some memories of the person you were with. Rearranging and organizing your room by getting rid of all those memories will speed up the healing process. You can also totally redesign the interiors and it will give you a fresh vibe to be around. 

Write hateful mails, but don’t post

This trick will also help you a lot where you will actually write a proper mail, full of hate and letting all the emotions out on paper, and then burn them with all the other gifts, etc. This will release most of the toxic energy that you were having and you will actually feel good. It’s a tried and tested way if you ask. 

Stay away from social media

These are the times where if we want to know about someone, we log in to our social media handles. Many of the teenagers and even grown people tend to stalk their exes after the breakup. If you are trying to getting over an ex, you must first block their presence on your social media feeds. Don’t post anything in the hope that they might see that instead improve your social and college relationships.

Don’t trash-talk a lot

It’s okay to let your feelings out to your best friends but don’t keep trash-talking about that person to everyone whom you meet. Your healing should not be based on pointing out the bad things of any person. Yes, it will feel so good but you can think of it as a drug, try not to overdose it. 

Don’t settle on ‘stay friends’

You must think before settling down to this. If the friendship that you or another person is suggesting doesn’t turn out to be healthy, the environment will be even more toxic when you two will be around. The trick is to slide away from that moment by asking for some time to think about it. Usually what happens is that one person wants to stay more than friends whereas the other doesn’t. 

Keep your BFF around while drinking

Drunk-text is a very common thing and you should know that getting a reply to some 2 AM text doesn’t mean he/she is madly in love with you. Your BFF will be there to snatch the phone away and throw it into a volcano if you make any attempt on drunk-texting. 

Follow a schedule

Try to get full 8-hour sleep and you will be able to get it by following a schedule that comes with a fixed bedtime. You should start going to bed and then set the waking alarm daily on a fixed time. Don’t change it according to other things. Plan your chores according to your sleep routine. This will help in getting through a breakup in ways you never imagined. 

Pamper yourself

This one is also very helpful where you should start pampering yourself just the way you wanted that person to pamper you. Get all the things that you like and eat at all those fine dinning where you wanted to go. You should do it all on your own and don’t take anyone with you. You can also call it a date with yourself. Spend on yourself and try to do everything you once wished for. 

Summing it all up… 

If you are finding it extremely hard to get over someone and any tips or activities aren’t helping you, you can also opt for some therapy sessions. There are various podcasts available online that you can subscribe to. However, an actual therapy session will be significantly helpful where you will actually talk to a person that can understand what you are going through. Getting over heartbreak takes a lot of effort and you must not feel ashamed of finding ways to get over it. Never hesitate to express yourself in fear of being judged and never stop yourself from crying, remember that letting the tears out is for your own healing and not for anyone else’s.

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