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6 Tips to Easier & Faster Spanish Learning

learning spanish

Learning a new language was a challenge till we didn’t have access to online learning modules. Smartphones, websites, and online mentors have brought everything to our fingertips. When it comes to Spanish learning, one seems to be a little muddled up in the beginning. You would be happy to know that it is considered a comparably easy language for English speakers to grasp. In this blog, you will come to know very specific and useful tips to learn the ‘Romance language.’

About Spanish

Being the official language of Spain, Spanish falls in the Indo-European language family and now has become the global language. It has evolved from colloquial (the linguistic style used for informal communication) spoken Latin in the Iberian Peninsula. Used mainly in the Americas and Spain, the language has reached the number of 500 million native speakers.

Let’s ease your great Spanish learning journey. Find the tips below :

 1. Learn Ser and Estar (“To Be”)

You need to find a resource where English and Spanish have treated seemingly simple things differently. The meaning of both ser and estar is “to be.” So, deciding which word correctly at what place is a thing to be learned by beginners carefully.

Ser: Used to express permanent things, time, occupation, relationships, personal attributes.

Estar: It is used for situations that are temporary. For example, emotions, locations and temporary conditions. The pronouns used for both the words are Soy and Estoy respectively.

So, for which word, either ser or estar is to be used, the decisive factor is permanent and temporary usage. For example, Soy optimista and Estoy contenta. That means “I am optimistic” and “I am content.” Optimistic is a personal attribute and content is a temporary state, hence soy and estoy are used in respective ways.

2. Being Inquisitive and Asking Questions

You should be properly active while learning anything and when it comes to learning a new language, you should be asking a lot of questions. It is better if you learn interrogative words in Spanish to ask questions. For example,

  • What- que`
  • Who- quie`n
  • Where- do`nde
  • When- cua`ndo
  • How- co`mo
  • How many/much- cua`ntos/ cua`nto

A combination of words and using the right verbs will help you to initiate an interrogative conversation and practice learning the language.

3. Expressing Your Feelings

No matter what online Spanish learning platform you have chosen, you should be open to expressing your feelings. If you have any doubts, don’t be shy to speak up because Spanish speakers like to talk. It is more of a Spanish thing to do. Learning some basic conversation with on-goers is a must.

I am very well- Estoy muy bien.

Good, thank you- Bien, gracias

I am very excited- Estoy muy emocionado

4. Using Negative Expressions

In Spanish, no is placed before the verb in negation. For example, if we have to write No, I can’t then we will write No, no puedo in Spanish. One thing you must know about the Spanish language is that using double negative is grammatically correct.

never, always- nunca, siempre

nobody, somebody, everybody- nadie, alguien, todos

5. Mastering Para and Por (once and for all)

If you have been learning Spanish for a short time, you might be looking for a clear understanding of the meaning and usage of words- Por and Para.

Using Para- It is used to talk about destinations, purposes, and goals.

Using Por-It is used when time, prices are to be conveyed. Moreover, when reasons and causes, reasons are to be mentioned then also Por is used.

6. Start with vocabulary

In many countries, some languages are taught by focusing on grammar. Vocabulary is pushed to the back seat. Make sure you make yourself compatible with the sounds of the language by learning a minimum of a few words daily.

General Tips For Spanish Learning

Hurdles do cross our ways when we start learning something new. Don’t get befuddled up. Ask your mentors for any doubts. Stay motivated. Adapt to your goals and abilities and find the best way that suits your learning preference. Reach the best online learning hub and master a new language easily. Moreover, it is very important to manage your energy and time well. It might be difficult to find quality time to practice, but one must not stop trying.

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