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College:Best Time To Discover New Learning Styles

learning styles

Learning is the fundamental right of any person. It has no limits at all. Each person is learning new things every moment. The way a person learns makes the person unique from others. Now it is observed eventually that a student is interested in some specific subjects like someone is in mathematics, someone in history and someone in other subjects. So why the difference creates? The answer is simple. It is due to the mentality of the students which one the student is accepting very efficiently. The learning style is one of the same scenarios over here. In general, there are four learning styles that a student absorbs mostly that is visual learning, auditory learning, kinesthetics learning, and reading & writing.

Types of Learning Styles: 


There are so many students who love to gather information from images and some other visual way rather than have a reading through the book. Mostly the students who have an interest in taking information fast and understanding things in a short amount of time love to go with visual learning. Always it is not possible for colleges to organize the classes according to student habits. So a student needs to take care of that. Like here if a student likes to learn with visual classes then he should organize a separate class in college with the present faculty with some ppt or video classes. 


College students are mostly engaged with education and projects of different subjects. So some of the students love to do the study by listening. Now here students can easily record the lectures of the professor and by taking out some time they can easily prepare the subjects. The aural technique has a great benefit. It brings up the concentration of a student very delicately.


Some students are there in colleges who are interested to gather knowledge from the practical sources rather than have a reading or a visual idea. This technique is known as kinesthetic. They mostly interested to have a piece of knowledge by using the equipment or by roaming around them. 

Read and Write

Read & write is one of the basic structures a student has faced to learn something. There are so many students who are more interested to have knowledge by reading and jotting down all the points they have learned. These types of students generally find time to have a reading over the books. So it does feel an overall impact on students like time management, organizing habits, test-taking strategies, etc.

Learning Models To Have A Greater Look In Learning Styles:

Felder Silverman Learning Style Model:

This learning model describes a student’s capability and activeness. Every learner has a specific learning style. Active learners learn things best by working actively. They are mostly interested to work in groups. They love to interact with people having the same department. The students have more interest to think before doing anything. The learners love to learn with standard approaches.

They have more patience and more stability in themselves. There are some students who have been more sensible with the presence of sense and more interested in doing by taking information from outside of the books are considered as realistic students. They like to discover possibilities in real and college campus life with their education and learn from those. There is a certain type of student who learns mostly all the things in practice randomly by observing and when they have learned a lot suddenly they created an image of that in their mind.

The Dunn and Dunn learning styles:

The learning style inventory divides the learning process into four parts. These are emotional, physiological, environmental, physiological elements. Some students are there who love to learn in a good environment. Someone love silence some love the good musical environment. So this all the matters come into the environmental emotions section. The noisy background distracts a student or a learner to concentrate.

There are also some environmental aspects which some students prefer during the study. That is the temperature like warm or cool, the light, the design. Like some prefer a good and bright light-based environment and some likes good design in the study room. It creates an immeasurable impact on the mind. It helps to create a mindset.

Analytical students are there who love to read alone. They love to have a peaceful place where they can concentrate on their subjects to cover up. Some global students are there who understand the topic first. After observing the concept they go for the details of that topic.

Thinking learning styles:

Thinking learning styles is one of the key structures of learning. There are so many students or learners who love to follow this model. College students are passionate about reasoning and logic. And they don’t have any interest in the discussion based on emotion.

The learning theory by David Kolb’s:

This theory describes the experienced learning styles. The concrete experience, active experimentation, abstract conceptualization, reflective observation, etc. Concrete experience is a style which is preferred by the high-level learners. Who wants to learn more and more? so they need to experience one who can teach them. Active experimentation, it is one of the points that high-level learners used to follow. Here they love to experiment with their knowledge around them in them. Abstract conceptualization is another main point. Most of the learners follow this. Mostly college students. Here the main concept is sometimes the hazard mindset can not bring the desired idea at all. So after some relaxation again revising the topic can bring easily new ideas. Thus this theory comes under the topmost types of learning styles.

Final note for the learning style:

If you are not sure what kind of learner you are. It isn’t necessary to have knowledge about this. Go through the basic structure it is obvious that you will find one of the styles easily.

It is also possible to get a unique style of yourself as well.  Before that, you can follow the basic style that a normal USA student follows that is listen to the topic very well, talk with yourself, block out unnecessary noise, take movement breaks, create new things, use movement as a tool, etc. this helps to remove the stress and build concentration as well as help to adopt different learning styles.

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