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The More You Know The Less You Know: Why Learning is Never Enough?

the more you know the less you know

The more we learn, the more we realize how little our knowledge is. Our universe is a complicated place. With each passing day, it’s becoming more confusing than ever. The whole world around us is continually evolving. We realize how little our knowledge is. Even great people agree on the fact, the more you know the less you know. Did you notice? How Plato, Socrates, Albert Einstein were humble about their knowledge? They always express their gratitude and tell the world they know almost nothing. Despite being one of the most magnificent brains of all time. 

All of them had one thing in common. They were not afraid to explore the unknown and they had a thrust of knowledge. Furthermore, they knew this universe holds big secrets within itself. So, these secrets need to be open, and they were hungry to seek knowledge. Here we have discussed why learning is never enough. And how less our knowledge is. To find out scroll through the article below. 

The Perception Error

You must realize the more you learn, the less you know because we live in a world where perception matters the most. Everyone had a different perception. People remember things based on their level of understanding and it is formed while learning and experiencing new things in college.Every individual’s reality is different from the others. Everyone believes they are correct while it’s all about the perception. If I tell you colour exists, but only in your brain. How do you react?

The existence of light and energy 8s real. But in colour? There is nothing like that, and it’s only a perception. You can take the example of Apple. You know it’s red right? But let me tell you Apple’s are not red in colour. It’s the Electromagnetic Waves which makes the apple appear red. When the waves hit the apple’s surface, it absorbs all the visual wavelengths. It only reflects the red tides, and that’s why you can see it as red. 

We Know Nothing Actually

The actual universe is never witnessed by anyone. So, you can perceive only what your brain allows you to. Hence, whatever conclusion you make based on your experience and whatever story you tell yourself, everything is limited and controlled by your brain. 

Everything is Limited, Even Your Mind

Your mind is limited. It cannot sense everything in the whole universe. The more you know the less you know , this term can be described with this. The storing and remembering capacity of the brain is massive, but it’s not infinite. 

The Physical World is Not Real the more you learn, the less you know, this theory was popularized by many philosophers. Mostly Plato and Socrates. Furthermore, their theory stated that the very physical world you live in is not real. The sofa you are sitting on right now—the monitor or mobile screen where you are reading this article. Hence, everything is just a mere shadow. The real universe is made of forms and ideas which exist outside the real world. Whatever you are witnessing is an imitation or reflection of these ideas and the forms.

The best wisdom comes when you realize learning is never enough. To live the best way, you have to constantly look for ways to improve yourself. What’s the mystery behind the success of famous people? They know how little their knowledge is. To make yourself worthy, repeat in your head, the more you learn, the less you know

Are you wondering how admitting your lack of knowledge can benefit you? 

Well, scroll down to the next point to know- How ?

  • You’ll Become Happier: Learning is super tough and can be a little frustrating sometimes. Hence, if you accept the fact how little your knowledge is, you’ll be open to curiosity. So, you’ll try to set new goals, reach new heights. Several researchers have proven the more ambitious you are, the happier you’ll be. It helps us to face failure. 
  • You’ll be Humble: Accepting how less you know, can make your stay down-to-earth. As people who think they know everything are more likely to make stupid decisions in life. They take themselves as smart, witty, and valuable. But they often act as arrogant. A truly smart person will never make them appear as people. Instead, they will make others feel smarter. The whole world has so many things to offer. A true brainy person learns from every little thing in the whole universe. You have to open the door of curiosity and absorb wisdom as much as possible. 

The Paradox of Wisdom

According to the Paradox of Wisdom, the more you open yourself to the knowledge you’ll realize how less you know. So, the more you absorb a new culture, thoughts, perception, ideas, the more you know how ignorant you were before. Furthermore, you’ll realize the way you look at the universe is completely different. To let go these feelings of obliviousness, you have to control your assumptions power. 

  • You have to control your assumptions power and you have to stop thinking everything has an easy answer.  Also, You need to ask yourself and others more questions. Sometimes you need to listen more carefully and intently to get everyone’s perspective about a thing. 
  • You have to understand the fact that every single person is a teacher. From nature to abstract things, you can gather knowledge from everywhere. 
  • You have to explore various topics without knowing the outcomes. 
Taking everything into account

You must know that knowledge is power. It will drive you to do many great things. However, you also must know that the more you know, the less you know. The whole world is changing every day. The only inevitable thing in the whole universe is change. What you think is a fact at this very moment it will change the very next day. You may think you are right about something but the next day it can be seen as a mistake. Nevertheless, making mistakes is part of humankind. It is absolutely normal to make errors. As the world becomes complex, our area of expertise decreases day by day.

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