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Teacher Appreciation Week | Love Towards Teachers For Their Efforts

Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrations are an integral part of human society. There are so many days throughout the whole year where people take part to celebrate something. Some of the examples are thanks giving day in which people celebrate the new harvests. Organising a group dinner in their homes and 4th July, where American independence is valued and revered. Similarly, the teacher appreciation week is held by the student community. People who are indirectly associated with school also show their gratitude. And organise it to thank them for their dedication towards educating the younger generation. 

Teacher Appreciation Week: Why They Deserve To Be Appreciated

Often, we notice that our teacher’s vehicles are parked in the school parking spots while we drive past it. Even during the odd hours when the students are busy doing some other things, the teachers are found to be busy with important tasks involving student-related matters. They might be occupied with things like checking the individual assignment submissions or grading test/exam answer sheets till late at night. While in college, they ensure that no student is breaking the college rules. All of these things show how much they put their wholehearted effort and time into their teaching careers for improvement.

Importance of Teachers Appreciation Weeks

Although the teachers could find it rewarding, however, they seldom show how tiring this job is. At the end of the year, there are a lot of financial expenses. A teacher has to make to maintain his/her career performance. One can find in a statistical study that almost 94% of American school teachers spend their own money to fulfil student learning needs and requirements. People in other occupations don’t generally spend anything out of their pocket for improving their work performance.

Besides that, the annual salary that a typical school teacher might get in comparison to his/her work consistency is not that high enough for them to feel appreciated or acknowledged. Students do not realise the efforts that teachers take to keep the school activities well organised and maintain an academic flow and a learning atmosphere. They do this by creating test papers and planning the lessons according to the syllabus. This is why we need to arrange one week in the year just for the teachers. 

Teacher Appreciation Day: How Can We Celebrate It?

If we want to celebrate the teacher appreciation day, then a lot of things can be done for them. It shows that they care about, and all the students remember their efforts. Even the students and educational communities should be enthusiastic to celebrate this time and honour them accordingly. They have some of the duties and responsibilities of those respectful persons. So, it will be better if they arrange different events for the teachers in various ways without losing the ultimate objective, i.e., admiration.

Administrator contributions

If someone is a school administrator, then there are a lot of things for him/her to be thankful for their teaching staff. Some of the things which could be done include:

  • Arranging free lunches for them.
  • Deliver special treats for the teachers in their classrooms while they are free. 
  • Roll the red carpet at the school entrance when its time for the classes to begin and let the students hold their teacher’s hand and make an entry into the classroom. 
  • Arrange a mock staff meeting for the teachers and when they come, surprise them with lots of treats and refreshments. 
  • Persuade the student council to engage in some teacher appreciation week activities.
Community contributions- 

Community members can also play a major part in contributing to the teacher appreciation week by showing their thankfulness towards the teachers.

  • If someone owns a retail business in the same locality,  situated near the school, then they can offer discounted or free items from their store just for the teachers for one whole day. 
  • Visiting every school in the county and gathering necessary information about the things which could benefit the teachers daily for their job before actually providing them with those. 
  • Arranging a “thank you” rally or a parade for the teachers for their helping hand in educating the children in school.
Student and parent contributions

The contribution of the students and parents might be the most important and valuable ones towards the teachers. They could help by offering any assistance and facilities towards the arrangements for teacher entertainment and enjoyable moments for them. The teachers will feel great even if it’s just a simple token of gratitude. 

Some personal arrangements for This Week:

Here are some of the personal arrangements which each student can offer to their teachers during teacher appreciation week.

  • Thank You notes
    It can be one of the best mood-lifting things when the teacher is going through a hectic and tough day. It alone can bring a bright smile on their faces, which could be worth taking a picture of. 
  • Posts on social media platforms
    If the teacher and the student are on the same social media platform while being on each other’s friend list then the student could create a positive post about the teacher. Thus, they can show how much they value their contributions.

  • Arranging some caffeinated drinks
    Caffeine can bring on a good feeling of alertness. Some of the people in the teaching profession often prefer caffeinated drinks occasionally. Gifting them with free coupons for their favourite coffee shops might bring moment of delight for the teachers.
  • Gift card arrangements
    Know about the places where the teachers are most likely to go for shopping or groceries. It will come of great help for determining what gift cards to choose for them. Giving them the gift cards will help them a lot in financial savings.
Teacher appreciation week: Final Thoughts

Teachers are an important part of society. They involve in educating future generations, and without them, the world will be void of literacy. Therefore we must show them the appreciation for their dedication & fulfilling our educational needs in teacher appreciation week. 

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