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Stress Management At The University ? A Crisp Guide

stress management at university

Every student is very excited to enter the phase where he/she enters into a university. Though it is very exciting to be in a higher class, a lot of stress comes with it. There are many things such as big assignments, writing long essays, dealing with new people, etc. All these things combined give the students a toll on their mental health. They may feel low-confidence and in some cases, depression too. There are multiple techniques that a student can apply to his/her life in order to perform better and deal with stress in a much better way so they require stress management tips.

Stress is generally categorized into three parts,

  • Behavior-related stress: the person will try to isolate him/herself or/and indulge in consuming drugs/alcohol, etc. There may be a change in appetite as well.
  • Physical stress: this will include sudden anxiety attacks where the symptoms like sweating, shaking, increased heart rate, etc. will show up.
  • Psychological stress: this category is the most dangerous one. It directly affects mental health where the person will always feel like something is wrong. 

Stress Management Tricks

The biggest role in giving higher stress is that students have to get away from their home where they resided until now. However, students shouldn’t be worried as it’s a very common problem and can be easily dealt with.


The word ‘exercise’ doesn’t only mean going to the gym and sweat out all the calories. It also means that you should indulge your body in some kind of physical exercise. It can be anything from riding a bicycle to go for long runs. There are also multiple options available within the university where you can join a sports club and it will be a healthier exercise along with good social interaction.

Talk to someone

This technique may sound a very cliche one but getting away from everyone will not help you in getting rid of stress or anxiety. Writing papers can be turned into a group activity where you can make new friends and also share what’s going on in your life. You can also talk to your family about the problems you are facing. It will help you a lot in unburdening yourself with all the stress and anxiety.

Managing Your Time

Many students panic when they have a deadline in front and they haven’t yet completed their task. The main reason behind it is that these students lack the skill of better time management. Completing an assignment with a proper time schedule will help in getting more focused and better results.

Sleep Well

One of the very underrated daily routine. Stress will disturb your sleeping schedule and you will find it extremely difficult to get proper sleep. The technique that can solve this problem is you can watch a TV series or read a book before going to bed. If you are into watching TV shows or movies, try turning off the screen at least one hour before going to bed,now a days it’s big reason for which students require stress management tips.

On A Conclusive Note

If you are going through a phase where stress is a continuous thing, you must not ignore it at all. The very reason that it grows is students tend to ignore it thinking it will be a big embarrassment. If you are finding it difficult to deal with an assignment, you can take university assignment help. Students will get proper help from the faculty in case they are not able to submit the assignment in time or don’t have a better understanding of the project. There are also many other ways like developing a hobby so that you find yourself a little busy with something that you love.

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