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Good Documentaries On Netflix | Utilize Time With Something Exciting

good documentaries on netflix

Netflix has come up with an ample number of documentaries and short movies for its subscribers. Because of this, there is a large availability of various options. There are some really good documentaries streaming now on Netflix.

Moreover, if that is not the case, we will provide an entire list of best documentaries on the basis of our research. You don’t need to go and search on your own. There are some famous documentaries that you can watch on Netflix. So, follow this blog with rapt attention. 

Captivating Documentaries for Your Relaxation and Enjoyment

The most significant part that the majority of the viewers focus on is the core essence of life when it comes to documentaries. Moreover, it includes historical artifacts, different archaeological findings, pictures, talking heads, rhetorical events, and many more. 

People are looking for something that is genuine and based on true facts. So, here is a  list of different powered up documentaries which will intrigue and make your leisure hours worthwhile.

Miss Americana

Recently, the documentary entitled Miss Americana has created a hype among the large group of people who love the music of Taylor Swift. The major emphasis is laid on Swift’s music.

Mostly it is based on Swift’s enormous journey in order to find out what people think about her and how it leads to feminist thinking and expressing here political opinion in front of the crowd. 

Some people may think that this film is dingy and it’s impossible to depict how much she dedicated herself to the documentary. But the magical moment is difficult to ignore and so becomes one of the key documentaries to watch on Netflix.


Starting from the makers of world-famous American football documentary Last Chance U Comes Cheer, this documentary introduces you to the materialistic world of cheerleading. 

It comprises the cheerleading squad present at the Navarro College in Texas. This is famous among most of the countrymen in the US and most highly rated.

The Great Hack

Do you have any idea about the scandal that takes place in Cambridge Analytica? This two hour long documentary will give you a deep insight into the political dilemma and data consultancy refute. 

The illegal usage of data induces a congressional hearing which leads to a parliamentary inquiry. It is a huge scam since Facebook faces a major loss of 5 billion dollars and this inflicted a bad reputation. It is really one of the major scandals in the world and you will find it very thrilling.


Sports appear to be vicious if the ball is not in your hand. Losers emphasize on the entire team that put up false decisions that exhibit the headline. 

It comes with eight-episode coverage each for half an hour which deals with different stories. The entire story is thrilling and cited as one of the greatest Netflix documentary series.

Blue Planet

This gives a better reminder of the effect of human beings and other living organisms on planets. It is one of the first environment-related shows featured on Netflix and the streaming service produces a deep impact on the ocean.

There are two parts Blue Planet I and Blue Planet II that showcases the problems and the desolation felt on earth and forecasts the climatic humdrum of the future.

Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival is an unreduced destruction of the climate and the entire episode is going haywire on different social media channels. 

The “luxury” music festival is scheduled in summer 2017 but the goodwill is lost because of the disruptive nature of the organization and the execution plan. It was built by the CEO of Fyre Media Inc and the rapper Ja Rule. 

The most renowned celebrities, musicians, influencers were present and were waiting for the show to commence but all went wrong because of the scarcity of tents, missing payments, as well as chaotic work schedules. It unfolds the inside story of Fyre.

Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski

This is one of the best history documentaries on Netflix. It is basically about a Polish sculptor, Stanislav Szukalski whose life revolves around complications. His major fans include the biggest Hollywood screenwriter Ben Hecht. Moreover, the series was directed by Ireneusz Dobrowolski and it was built on the interviews by art collector Glenn Bray. 

This documentary gives a vivid picture of the iconography along with the nationalism of 20th Century Europe.

Slow TV: Train Ride Bergen to Oslo

The journey from Bergen to Oslo takes almost 14 minutes. The sloppy undulating route piercing through picturesque snow-filled mountains and beautifully adorned lakes. 

You can cherish this entire journey from your drawing room if you stream Slow TV: Train Ride Bergen to Oslo on Netflix. The entire episode is done through a single camera placed in front of a train. So, it will sound like a lullaby to you and will no longer appear as a hardcore documentary. 

The Dawn Wall

This documentary features the life of two athletes Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson as they climb up to the 3000 ft rock that surrounds one part of the awesome Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan. 

The story revolves around their uphill journey along with the preparation that they take to complete the task. You will see how Caldwell and Jorgeson lived on the rocky mountain for almost two weeks as they merge forward through the rocky terrain.

Stream Through These Good Documentaries On Netflix and Make Your Evening Worthwhile

These are some of the best documentaries to watch on Netflix which you just can’t miss. After thorough research, we have come up with some of the best documentaries that have a high rating. So what to wait for. Just download the Netflix App and watch your favorite documentaries from your living room by managing your time effectively.

Moreover, this blog will simplify your thought process since knowing the best ones. Apart from this, you can also use your desktop to see these amazing documentaries since Netflix is both desktops as well as handset supportive.

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