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Publish Your Story

We always wanted that a section should be there, where students can write about their story so we have started this new section where you can send your experiences, views, vision about :

  • Your first day of college.
  • Your first crush
  • About academic curriculum.
  • Things you like about your college.
  • Your most loveable or funny moment of college.
  • Your inspiration.
  • Your unfulfilled dreams.
  • Things you want to do before graduation.
  • If you were a principal of your college for a day what would you do or what would you change.
  • The interesting story behind being an engineer.
  • Friends stories(people love to read about friendship ).
  • Travel stories or any college trip story.
  • A challenge you have overcome.
  • An experience you’ve had with a stranger.
  • The strangest or most interesting experience you’ve had.
  • Your dream job.
  • Some life lessons you have learned.
  • You can also write about some social issues.

Note: We can keep your name Anonymous if you want.

Keep in mind that you don’t send fake stories because many students will see this and we don’t want to spread negativity.Send at