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Interested in Sales, Advertising, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Writing, and/or Photo Journalism Intership?

College Social Magazine offers competitive internship to college students who are looking for a hands-on learning experience in digital and social marketing and journalism. We’re always looking for smart, creative people to join our team. Showcase your artistic talents and innovative ideas on a cutting edge platform to our internship team.

Marketing and Writing internship : Part-Time school year positions that offer amazing opportunities to expand your resume and skills in social media platforms, marketing, creative writing, and journalism, both technically and creatively.

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Sales Internship Account Manager: Full-Time summer sales position that will give you the real-world experience that is essential in the competitive post collegiate job market. In addition to enhancing your resume, your skill set will blossom with regard to sales, advertising, and marketing knowledge, and your self-confidence will be grow exponentially.

Translation: Your voice will be heard. Your ideas will be implemented. You will make something real. Your resume is going to look AWESOME.

We offer three competitive types of internship :

Sales Internship – Account Manager

Are you a people person? Interested in pursuing a career in sales and advertising? We have a unique opportunity for you to build your resume and make money, while still having a great summer. The best part of these internship is you can stick around campus for the whole summer without being stuck behind a desk!

With this internship you will learn:

To think on your feet
Professional sales pitch creation and execution
Persuasive communication
How to build professional relationships with any personality type
How ad sales works for a real magazine
The sales process from pitch to print
Time management
Project management

Social Media Marketing Internships

Are you a social media junkie? We’re looking for real addicts who consume Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We are in need of local, on campus  Interns to increase brand awareness and engagement at your school through media tactics.

With this internships you will learn:

Fundamental general marketing strategies
Media tactics and implementation
Content marketing
Brand management
Integrated digital marketing
Web content management

Writing Internship

Are you a writer or good with expressing yourself and your thoughts? Are you good with grammar? We are providing you chance to publish your writing peace in CollegeSocialMagazine. Topics should stick to university and students life.

With this internship you will learn:

Creative Writing
Main Pillars of Content
Blog and SEO Writing
Infographics Writing
Sales copy Writing

These internships will require about 5 hours per week; work to be completed on your own time barring deadlines. Contact us now to enquire.