Education is a must in life. The people are continuously gathering information on where to enrol for better education. Better education means a better source of education. The maturity of understanding anything comes in college time. So, society gets the new pioneers in the colleges. Using these pioneers there are several colleges that change lives over the decades. 

These colleges also help other students to be the next pioneers. There are some colleges mentioned below who have done, not only that they are continuously doing lots of great jobs to make the world flow towards the way of development.

Following are some of the Colleges  that change lives :

Harvard University

Harvard university is one of the greatest universities in the world. It has the highest ranking over the world in terms of technological activities. It has given lots of jewels to the world who has changed the world afterwards. For example one of them is Bill Gates. He is the CEO and the founder of Microsoft,  the most popular operating system for computers. He has shown the new easiest way to use a computer. More people are present who have changed the way of leading life coming from Harvard University. Therefore comes first in the colleges that change lives list.

Oxford University

Oxford University is one of the greatest universities in the world. It has the largest set of categories of education. People from all over the world can get admission to the university. Therefore this university itself creates an extremely good impression on the world education system. 

As this university is open to all the versatility of this university is next to the infinity. Different kinds of people have a different mentality and different ideas. When they come together there are new ideas of innovation. Oxford is the one who gives the opportunity to do so.

Stanford University

Marketing innovation is difficult to happen without guidance. Thereby, there are so many colleges who provide education on marketing. Stanford University is the one which has the highest marketing innovation records in the world. It has shown the new strategies of marketing. Most of the popular marketing theories came from here. 

Besides that, it is now focusing on social innovation. Here the university is focusing on how to make the market more developed using peoples’ mentality and using social platforms. So, the colleges under this university are aggressively focusing on building new social strategies to make the people concerned about the day to day life issues and other problems.

The University of Chicago

Chicago is a place which is very much known to be cultural. The University of Chicago is a big part of it. But mostly its focus part is culture. One of the biggest achievements of Chicago was it got suggestions of improvements from the legendary Swami Vivekananda. 

Besides all of that this college had given a lot of actors and actresses to the film industry. Anna Chlumsky is one of those actresses who had started her acting career in this university. After that, she never looks back out of it. There are more examples like her. Importance of this university keeps it in the top of colleges that change the lives list.

University of Washington

We all know about Washington DC. The University of Washington is also popular like Washington DC. It is popular for its co-curricular activities in technology. So, most of the students who have passed from this university are big businessmen. Being situated in a country like the USA, it focuses on science and other perspectives. 

It has achieved the ranking in the college’s that changes lives list due to its immersive innovations. From the base of science, there are so many categories. This university and the college’s under it mainly follow pharmacology, toxicity and some others. Some of the best medicines have been discovered from this university.

The George Washington University

This university has shown a new way of management. There are so many companies opening in the current situation. Some of them are also going down so fast because of their lack of management. This university is very much popular in the management industry. People who are successful in the business industry, most of them have passed out of this university. It has achieved the top ranking in the year of 2002 and from that, it is continuously growing. For all the reasons it is listed in colleges that change lives !

University of Miami

Miami is a place where travellers are the main importance. Most of the income generated from tourism. The University of Miami that is why focuses on education and technology that can help tourism more. It has achieved the stars gold award recently for its sustainability in higher education. 

This university is popular due to its immersive education system and the faculties. Compared to Oxford or Harvard it has less number of faculties but the education and the success stories are great almost 95%. That is the reason it comes under the category of colleges that changes lives.

Colleges that change lives: An overview 

Changes that already happened or are happening in the world has a source from where it started. Leaving some of the exceptions most of the evolution starts from the colleges. So, now there are some universities which give the birth of jewels and others that provide the best effort to create jewels. 

Changes in our lives do not always mean evolutionary change. It can be anything like some changes happen in day to day lives and some of them can happen in professional life. College is the place that shows the way of development. Some of them also follow the same way of development and sometimes create innovative things. These universities and the college’s under this show the way of development mostly. That is why they are in the category of colleges that changes lives.

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