Starting your first day at college can be nerve wracking. So, you’ll have to prep yourself to face different students there. Some of them will be your best buddy. But some of them…well not so much! Surviving college means facing these stereotypes. But that doesn’t say stereotypes in college are all negative. Do you know the best thing about college student stereotypes? You can find your best friend or even the perfect friends group who will have the same kind of stereotype. These friends will help you to enjoy your college days a little bit more!

We understand, too many cool college flicks at Netflix raises your expectations about college. Furthermore, you’ve probably been dreaming for your college days for ages. But wait! Sorry to break this to you, college is not always sweet and summer! After finishing your high school, college is going to categorize you into different groups. In other words, college is going to stereotype you. And this will not only happen to you, but your friends will also cast into different groups.

Let’s find out which group you fit in College Student Stereotypes ?

1.The Party freaks 

These types of students can be found in any kind of clubs, pubs, and events. These types of students celebrate their college life as a big party club. They can make your college life a memorable experience for sure. But don’t get too much attracted to their sparkly, party lives. 

2. The Athletic Groups

The athletic groups are basically in the college for the scholarship and are only addicted to one thing that is sports. You can notice them at the back of your classes. They are generally not the studious one. However, we can always talk about the exception. 

3. The Late Workers

These students leave every work for the end moment. No matter how much time they have to do the assignment. You will face these types of students a lot in college. Surviving college with these types of students is no less than fun. These students probably have the messiest desk and the smelliest locker in the college. They utilize most of their time by sleeping. 

4. The Serious One

 They are the most severe and typical students you’ll ever come across in your college and stay up late at night but not for clubbing, for finishing their studies. They are in college to get some knowledge and to get a degree. Making friends with this particular group can benefit you a lot in surviving college. If you need any help with the studies, they will never disappoint you. 

5. The Fashionable one

This group includes the fashionistas in the college, and they will dress the best to look formal and attractive at the same time. You can get some valuable fashion lessons from these stereotypical groups for sure.

6. The Introverts

This stereotypical group doesn’t like socialization that much! Hence, they want to stay low key and enjoy their solo company the most. You can quickly identify them, they will carry a headphone or book with them everywhere. So, they don’t like to participate in any group-related activities. 

7. The Attention Seeker

These types of students love to get attention. No matter if it’s from the fellow students or even the professors. They just crave to be admired by all. Their characteristics include loud and obnoxious attitudes. 

8. The Sleepy Head

You’ll never see these students sitting opening their eyelids for more than a minute! They always fall under the backbenchers group. You can always find them slumped against the desk of any class. 

9. The Carefree Ones

These students probably don’t care about anything. From their clothes to sitting styles, you can quickly locate them. From the college lectures to the exams, they care about almost nothing!

Now, college is not only about encountering these various stereotypical friends groups. In your college life, your family, professors and relatives are also going to stereotype you. 

Here are some college student stereotypes you’ll face during your college days.

You are Lazy !

People hold a negative perception of college students. They think they are lazy and procrastinate a lot. The reality is different because students have to do college assignments, curricular activities. 

You are Unhealthy and not fit !

Many people believe that college students are unhealthy. The only way to overcome these types of stereotypes is by changing the diet. Hence, replace your diet with a healthy option of veggies and fruits. So, this will help you to remove the unhealthy tag. 

You are Irresponsible !

People often believe that college students are irresponsible which is absolutely not true. Hence, to be accepted as a responsible person, you have to act like one. So, make sure to earn the trust of your parents and professors first. 

You have a Drinking Problem !

Now, this is another stereotype you can face in your college days. Just because you attend parties, several people might stereotype you as a drinker. But this is entirely wrong. The best way to avoid these stereotypes is to avoid drinking as much as possible in your college days. 

You’re Broke !

If any student goes to college based on their scholarship, many people stereotype them as broken. So, the perfect way to avoid this stereotype is to restrain yourself from sharing about your finances.

You are Rich !

Now, not everyone can afford a degree at college. This may make everyone think you are rich. Many students go to college based on their college scholarships and loans. So these stereotypes about college students need to be stopped. 

In a Nutshell 

Who said college is all about fun! Surviving college is not about just enjoyment! You’ll face stereotypes by society, your friends, and even your college professors a lot. But the best part about college is it will decide your identity. So, you’ll be able to gather knowledge and grow yourself. So, wish you luck for your college journey ahead! 

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